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, 615 (60 µg) in PBS. Serum, BAL, and MdLNs were sampled on day 28 to measure the OVA-specific 698

, T cell response (B) and OVA-specific antibody titer (C), respectively. (B) Antigen-specific 699

, Cells isolated from the MdLNs of immunized animals were stained with 700

, CTV and stimulated with OVA protein ex vivo for 4 days, p.701

, OVA-stimulated proliferating live CD45 + CD3 + CD4 + are shown as a measure of the CTV 702 fluorescence dilution. Proliferation was quantified as a percentage of total CD4 + T cells

, OVA-specific antibody response in serum and BAL of immunized animals. The dotted line 704 indicates the OVA-specific IgG titers elicited in OVA/PBS immunized animals