. Eymin, The sequences specifically targeting human e2f-1 RNA were as follow: 5'-GUCACGCUAUGAGACCUCATT-3' and 5'-ACAAGGCCCGAUCGAUGUUTT-3'. The scrambled siRNA oligonucleotides were as follow: 5'-AAAGGUGACGCUGACGAAGTT-3'; 5'-CAAGAAAGGCCAGUCCAAGTT-3'. Cells were transiently transfected either with Fugene, 2001.

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S. Cruz,

. Kh-95, Pharmingen), anti-cyclin E (13A3, Novocastra) and anti-Skp2 antibodies

, RT/PCR analysis of Skp2 mRNA level PCR was carried out for 30 cycles using the following conditions : 94°C for 30 sec

, 57°C for 30 sec and 72°C for 30 sec. The primers used were : Skp2 forward (sense) 5'-TCAACTACCTCCAACACCTATCAC-3'

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, tumor cells in a squamous cell carcinoma. (B) Mean scores ± standard deviation of cyclin E protein expression according to the histological sub-types