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N. Sailliet, PhD student): started a thesis supervised by Sophie Brouard and Jean-Michel Robert on the development of new kinase inhibitors to specifically target JAK1

S. Brouard, (. Vmd, and P. , Since 2011, she is Director and Coordinator of the CENTAURE national RTRS network. She is co-author of 10 patents, 121 original articles, 42 reviews/books and importantly she discovered with her team IL7R as a potential, leads a team of 32 researchers at the ITUN

J. Robert, He leads researches based on the development of PI3K and JAK inhibitors and pro-apoptosis molecules for cancer therapy

C. Brosseau, PhD): joined Sophie Brouard's team to characterize B lymphocyte signature in chronic lung allograft dysfunction and to characterize CD9+ regulatory B cells induction of effector T cell apoptosis as a new therapeutic strategy for severe asthma

N. Sailliet, Cytokine and Growth Factor Reviews, vol.47, pp.62-73, 2019.